The Blue Frog

The blue poison arrow frog or the poisonous blue dart frog

This frog was on my mind ever since I saw it in a zoo..though I don’t remember where I saw it. Indeed eye catching creature, the shine on its skin looked beautiful. Blues with a black pencil from classic set of Faber Castell were good enough. The paper of Yuva sketchbook wasn’t too thick still held 2-3 layers.



scan 2 cpd

7″ x 9″ on 200 gm2 Fabriano acid free paper. Used recently bought Derwent Artists 36 shades at the base and Prismacolor Colored Pencils layers over it. Dark solid black background done exclusively with Prismas

Thanks, leaf eating insects/caterpillars, you ate these leaves in a beautiful way. lol. Had seen these last year in a nature trail at Yeoor, Thane. I liked the pattern so clicked it.

Four marbles

scan 1 600 dpi

“Four marbles”

9″ x 6″ on Fabriano 200gm2 paper. Prismacolor premium and Prismacolor Verythins & graphite pencil was used. No stencil/instrument was used for round shapes.

This is specially for my 5 year old son who loves marbles. I carefully chose these 4 from his collection of 30 marbles.